Fire/Rescue Department

Citronelle Volunteer Fire Department
19135 S. Mobile Street



Dispatch Telephone


Johnny Simison, Fire Chief

Citronelle has two fire stations manned completes by volunteer fire fighters. One station is on North Mobile Street and the other is West of Citronelle on Prine Road. The City has 4 fire trucks and a tank truck (used for brush fires or automobile accidents).

Personnel includes: Fire Chief, Johnny Simison, and 29 volunteer fire fighters.

Citronelle Rescue Unit
7930 State Street





The unit has two modular ambulances in operations. It operates an extraction truck with the Jaws of Life; hydraulic rams are chisel and other extraction equipment. A LifePak monitor and defibrillator are included in one of the ambulances.

The Citronelle Rescue Unit formed on February 26, 1963 because of urgent needs to transport injured and sick people from rural communities to the hospital in Mobile for treatment. Concerned and dedicated people have worked diligently to make it happen. The grounds and building were donated. It exists from donations of time and money now. The volunteers have gone for proper training at their own expense. The Kiwanis Club always holds annual fundraisers to support the continuing needs of the Unit. A fee is charged for ambulance services and some people make regular donations. Different civic organizations make donations of supplies and sometimes money from the operation of a much needed and appreciated Rescue Unit.

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